About Meet Hugo

We’re Meet Hugo. Founded in 2018, we’re a startup focussed on helping B2B companies grow. We’ve created a sales platform that allows you to grow your sales pipeline, build new relationships, and make more sales. We’re a part of Clarity Stack, an insight company, and the Meet Hugo platform is built on years of experience in this space. We’re a growing team, committed to helping B2B companies around the world.


We constantly innovate, take onboard feedback, and improve our platform and data collection methods.


We work hard to make sure that all the insight we produce is relevant to each client we work with.


We’re always open about how we’ll work with you, and what you can expect. We want to work with clients for the long-term in a mutually beneficial way.

Our Leadership Team

Our team are dedicated to helping you grow your business.
Angelina Pal
Lead Designer
Becky Cunningham
Customer Success Manager
Ben Harper
Danielle Eaves
Office Manager
DJ Gomez
US Sales Manager
Emma Derbyshire
Partnership Manager
Joe Fletcher
Luke Tyler
Rich Goose
Scott Roberts
Suki Sagoo
Research Manager
Tom Holland
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Our Locations

Find out more about where we’re based.
Peterborough, UK
We’re headquartered in the UK, in Peterborough (about an hour north of London). Our leadership team, research team, UK sales team, marketing and customer success departments are based at our UK HQ.
Miami, USA
We also have a sales office in Miami, Florida. This helps us to grow in the US market, with the support of our team in Manilla, PH who also work on a variety of English speaking international markets.

Work For Meet Hugo

We’re always on the look-out for the best talent to join our team and help improve our service. Send us your CV to find out about our current job opportunities and openings.