"Meet Hugo has been a great test and addition to our new business and sales strategy. We've had a great experience working with the Meet Hugo team. They are responsive, passionate, and a friendly group to work with. They always appreciate having new information from our agency as to what is working/what could be better. In their easy to use platform, we've found leads, opportunities, and have been alerted of CMO changes that we would have otherwise missed. As a small agency, having someone to do some of the corralling for us is a huge help. Our team can focus less on scouring the sites, LinkedIn, etc. for all of the news and potential opportunities, and focus more on the pitch and the creative ideas themselves. We leverage MeetHugo as one part of our new business strategy/mix and the territories are oftentimes within and just outside of our typical geographical radius. One barrier for our team has been the higher amount of procurement-led RFPs and Meet Hugo has been able to provide us with their Sales Academy resources to help us through that unique process."

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