"Excellent service if you're willing to collaborate and not berate!I run a very small copywriting/marketing company and MeetHugo has been invaluable! I've received over 100 leads in just a few months so have been able to pick and choose, selectively, which ones to pursue (around 10%). For me, this is good; my business is only small so cannot handle too many new clients at once.The quality of leads is also good, some RFPs but hardly any. Most of the relevant ones I build relationships with using LinkedIn or email and that's working well. The staff at MeetHugo have been good to work with, particularly Emma, she's proactive and professional. The trick is to work with them, using the feedback option on the system and verbal feedback, to help them refine what they search for on your behalf. The quantity and quality of my leads has greatly improved since I've been doing this. I really think this is key, it's unfair to expect any lead generation provider to miraculously bring you high-quality leads unless you're willing to work with them. In my experience, collaborating in this way significantly improves the service over time. And that's another thing - it took time (a month or so) to really hone things so they work.I'm happy to do this and will be renewing the service."

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