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5 Email Subject Lines That Get Your Sales Messages Read

11th June 2019

The funny thing about sales is that you can do everything right up until the point of contact, but not optimising your email subject line can completely ruin your chance of making a sale.

The subject line seems such a small part of what you do – compared to how you’ve found the prospect’s information, the research you’ve done on them (or used Meet Hugo for!), and the service that your company offers once a sale is made. A lot of companies forget about the subject line’s importance because of this. However, don’t treat the subject line as an afterthought. Getting it right can make all the difference. Below, we’ve shared 5 email subject lines that get your sales messages read, and provided insight into each, to give you a head start:

1. The Emoji Subject Line

Depending on your target audience, an email subject line with an emoji included can really help your open rates. A relevant emoji at the start, or at the end of an email subject can make your message stand out in a cluttered inbox.

For example:

☕️ Let’s Schedule In That Coffee

The open rate on an email with that subject line is much higher than it’s non-emoji equivalent of:

Let’s Schedule In That Coffee

Top tip: don’t replace words with emojis in case they don’t show properly, or cause confusion.

2. The Teaser Subject Line

It depends what you’re selling, but a teaser subject line can perform really well.

Take this example:

We’ve Got The Perfect Solution For Your Website…

The ellipsis at the end provides a tail into the content of the email, and human nature dictates that your prospect will be just a little bit intrigued to find out what’s inside.

3. The Straight To The Point Subject Line

Subject lines can only be so long, so sometimes being direct can help you stand out.

You’re Our Ideal Client, Let’s Talk!

This shows you’re likely to have tenacity, that you’ve identified them as a prospect, and that you’re keen to win their business.

4. The Personalised Subject Line

Personalisation makes it clear that you’ve done your research, and gives you a good chance of being read.

For example:

Hey Ben, It Was Great To Meet You At X


Ben, Can We Grab A Coffee Next Week?

Don’t go overboard with it, but just adding enough into the subject line gives you a better chance of getting your email read.

5. The Appreciation Subject Line

If you’ve done your research on your prospect, you should know a little about them and what they’ve been up to. If they’ve been in the news, or have written a recent blog post, show your appreciation, like the below example:

Great Post On XYZ, Can We Talk It Over?

This shows you’ve done your research, is a soft introduction, and gives you a great chance of getting read.

And some things to avoid:

1. ALL CAPS: don’t do it
2. Putting the actual message in the subject, e.g. Did you see my email today about XYZ, let’s chat about it over coffee at 11am ok?
3. Replacing words with emojis, it makes it really hard to ????. Don’t do it.
4. Lying: some sales people will write anything to capture attention, e.g. Your Netflix Password Reset as the subject and then going “Now I have your attention…” – it shows you’re potentially dishonest, and subconsciously (if not consciously) leaves a bad impression.

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