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5 Successful Sales Email Outreach Tips

16th May 2019

Sales emails can go one of two ways. Either they have an instant impact with amazing click and open rates which lead to sales, or they end up un-opened and sent straight to the trash can.

A lot of us are signed up to various mailing lists where we receive offers from our favourite brands, and many of them are great! Black Friday is a great example in this respect where our favourite stores send out an email telling us that there are great savings to be made; while a lot of other companies will send out offers with limited-time reductions and free delivery.

When done correctly, these emails have a massive impact not only on us as recipients, but for those looking to make the sale, too. Getting the right tone-of-voice and the best approach nailed down is key to sending out successful sales emails whether you’re selling a new product, a digital service or maybe you’re looking to simply increase brand awareness.

In our latest guide we’ll run through five successful sales email outreach tips that will help you to increase your open-rates and drive more people to your website and – ultimately – the all-important sales you’re looking for.

Do your research

There’s nothing worse than receiving an email and it being a blanket copy and paste that’s been sent to dozens, maybe even hundreds of other people on a mailing list. If you’re trying to sell a product, service or brand to somebody then take the time to do your research and to personalise the email to the individual recipient.

Researching the recipients and investigating why the product or service might work for them will do a lot of the groundwork for you. They might not realise that they need it, or they might be blown away by the fact that you’ve already done an audit of their site and some competitor analysis to identify what makes them the perfect candidates to work with you. Of course, using Meet Hugo can take all of this legwork away for you!

It may be that you’re pitching a product or service to a number of companies across various sectors, in which case a blanket email won’t work with copy and paste not always your friend as you forget to change the sector or the name of the company you’re sending it to.

Make it personable

With that in mind, also be sure to address the recipient individually. When all else fails, a good ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ may be the most appropriate, but having found an email address to send your message to a bit more research will help you locate the most suitable name and address. It also shows them that you’ve done your homework, have addressed them specifically and are willing to build a relationship with them rather than sending an email to 50+ people and seeing who replies!

Give them something valuable, but not too much!

In your email it’s obviously vitally important to pitch what you’re offering. However, you don’t want to give them all the details straight away – you want to leave them wanting more!

A bit like a cliffhanger ending in the latest series on Netflix you want people to open the email and visit your website to see just what that product or service can do for them – and what makes your brand different to all the others.

Sure, by all means give them a sneak preview of what it is you’re pitching, but don’t give it all away right now – you can do that once you’ve got your foot in the door and have built a relationship with them. To use an example, a freelance writer would never send all the key details from an interview to every editor in the country because the journalists will take that information and publish it themselves. Instead, they seal the article (and payment) by enticing the editors to say ‘sure, I want to work with you, let’s talk more.’

Build a relationship

If you walk into a shop and get instantly bombarded by someone trying to get you to buy before you’ve had chance to have a good look around, you’re going to walk out flustered, annoyed and possibly disappointed, too, right? The same applies to your sales emails.

By going in heavy-handed you almost put pressure on the recipient to act upon the email and to come back to you with an instant positive response saying ‘where do I sign?’ Unfortunately, they very rarely do and they might have a number of questions if given the chance to digest the email fully and to build a relationship with you. It’s as much about trusting who you buy a product or service from as it is about wanting the product or service – you wouldn’t buy from Dodgy Dave’s Discount DIY when you could buy from a reliable source with a reputation for quality and customer service now, would you?

Connect on LinkedIn

Before you send your email out, look up the company and perhaps the most suitable contact on LinkedIn and connect with them there. By doing this you may be able to do some further research and gain a clearer understanding of what it is that you can offer them.

You can also build an excellent relationship with the person in question, and find a foot in the door with the decision makers, by getting to know them and their interests – you may have football or music in common, for example, which is a great ice-breaker.

For a bit more information on this approach, we recently wrote about how those in sales can use LinkedIn to their advantage, check it out here.

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