A New Way to Partner With Meet Hugo

20th May 2021

When we launched Partner With Meet Hugo late in 2020 we wanted to ensure that our partners felt loved and rewarded for their efforts in referring us to their friends and business connections; and to ensure that this remains the case we’ve made an improvement that we know you’re going to love.

Partner With Meet Hugo, headed up by Partnerships Manager Emma Derbyshire, was designed to offer valuable resources and an additional source of income to not only subscribers who wanted to take their relationship with us one step further but also businesses within our network who love to shout about our award-winning sales intelligence platform. 

Having already registered with us and seen the benefits of Meet Hugo in improving their lead generation strategies, these subscribers became partners and we’ve been delighted to work closely with them over the last few months and now have more than 60 partners who are helping to send referrals our way in return for a share of the commission. Of course, you don’t actually HAVE to join us as a partner to refer connections to us so you can still benefit from the additional revenue by referring your friends to us.

The change we’ve made to Partner With Meet Hugo

This week, in order to ensure that Partner With Meet Hugo is of additional benefit to our current and prospective partners, we’ve made a slight improvement to the way in which referrals are made. 

Initially we asked our partners to onboard their connections themselves, and this approach worked, but the feedback we received was that it was taking time that business owners - understandably - didn’t have. 

So now, instead of asking our partners to onboard their connections we are asking them to send out a personalised link to their connections which they can use to sign up to their chosen package. Regardless of whether that is a quarterly, six-monthly or annual package each partner will receive either £100 or $100 and this will go straight into an account on a platform called Rewardful which partners can see and manage at their leisure.

What this means is that our partners have the freedom to provide their own connections with a link to join Meet Hugo and then benefit from the additional revenue that brings more efficiently, cutting out the time to go through the sign-up process and instead freeing up time to capitalise on more of the leads provided by Meet Hugo.

This link can be shared however you like. So, if you want to post on social media that’s great, should you wish to share it via email with your contacts - share away. Whatever works for you works for us, it’s a versatile programme and a partnership at the end of the day!

If you’d like to learn more about Partner With Meet Hugo then you can do so by contacting us, or visiting our Partnerships page.

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