How a Partnership Can Improve Your Sales Proposition

1st December 2020

Regardless of the type of company you work for, or the type of work you’re doing, there are always some benefits of working on your own which range from being accountable to yourself to ensuring that you hit your deadlines; but working as a team is always a much more preferable and effective way of working.

When you work as a team you have the ability to share your thoughts, discuss the task at hand and implement a range of different strategies based on your combined experiences and expertise. You can ask for help, you can work on your own element of the project and you can celebrate the success together, and here at Meet Hugo we love nothing more than celebrating each other’s successes.

Partner With Meet Hugo is our way of extending our own way of team working, and enabling you to work more closely with us to ensure that you get the very best value for money from your subscription along with a range of incentives and commission-based opportunities. The partnerships between our loyal subscribers and ourselves are proving to be extremely popular, and there are a variety of different ways in which a partnership such as this can improve your overall sales proposition.

Here we’re going to talk through a few of them so that you can see why so many people have already joined us as Partners since we launched the scheme at the start of November 2020. Not only that, we’ll tell you a few of the perks of signing up to a Meet Hugo quarterly or annual subscription, enabling you to grow your pipeline with invaluable sales intelligence.

Qualified leads and word-of-mouth referrals

As a Meet Hugo subscriber you get to take advantage of our sales intelligence which means that you’re given the very best and most relevant leads to help you pitch and grow. Rather than simply sending any and every opportunity that might be right for you, our team of in-house researchers hand-pick the most suitable prospects for you to speak to, enabling you to start a conversation with the right person about a specific project that interests you.

Qualified leads enable you to get down to business far sooner, reaching out to decision makers within a company rather than going through friends of friends to find out if there might be a chance to pitch in the future. As a Meet Hugo Partner we can all benefit from word of mouth referrals which means that our subscribers – who are already benefiting from qualified leads and invaluable sales intelligence – refer us to their business connections and benefit further from a share of the commission brought about by that contact signing up to Meet Hugo – a win-win for everybody!

Competitive edge

Our Partners can also benefit from a competitive advantage over their competitors. While they may be out searching the web, attending events and scrolling through old contacts in search of new business opportunities, our Partners can get an instant head-start by receiving the vital information about tenders and job moves that could ultimately lead to a new piece of business.

Meet Hugo can deliver this key information into your dedicated account so you can assess the opportunity and get to work on your pitch.

We’ll provide you with contact information, an estimated value of the project and a deadline to request details so you can build a relationship with your new prospect and make your way into the boardroom (physically, or virtually!)

Brand exposure and reach

A Partnership also enables you to benefit from additional exposure through your partner’s social channels, marketing strategies and business connections.

Doing a lot of internal promotion is great for brand exposure, but piggybacking off your partner’s connections is an additional form of free marketing allowing you to benefit from word-of-mouth promotion and additional brand mentions in their social posts.

It may also be that you get a nice little mention in their daily email bulletins or in people’s email signatures where your company is listed as a brand partner, something inquisitive contacts may click on and discover eventually leading to an enquiry. Again, free marketing which is brought about by your working partnership.

Added value to your proposition

Backgrounds and connections are among the most enticing factors for prospects. They will take a look at a company including their stakeholders, current employees, blog posts and connections before deciding whether or not to work with somebody; so if you can strike up a successful partnership with another business then you’re well on your way to getting a strong foot in the door.

It might be that you have your name added to that company’s website under a Partners section, or it may be that your logo is found in the footer of the site or an email signature.

Whatever the listing is and wherever it is shared, it all helps to add value to your proposition if you’re (on the face of things at least) a smaller party in the partnership as it shows that larger businesses have faith in you and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise – which would go some way to helping you nail that pitch when you get there.

An extended team increases your expertise

While your own team or department will have a wealth of skills and expertise in their field, partnering with another company can help you to expand that even further to the point where you become an unstoppable force as you approach your next pitch.

Being able to call upon external team members – which they essentially are – enables you to capitalise on the kind of skills that you don’t have internally but may make all the difference when it comes to pitching for new business.

Here at Meet Hugo we’re delighted to have helped so many businesses to grow by providing sales intelligence that simply isn’t available to companies on a day-to-day basis without having access to a dedicated team of researchers who can spend the time looking up exciting business opportunities and then compiling all of the essential information you need like the location of the prospect, the value of the project and more.

To find out more information about how a partnership could work for you, click here to take a look at our new programme – Partner With Meet Hugo. We’d love to work with businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, and would be delighted to have a conversation with you about becoming our latest partner.

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