Business Startup

How To Start Your Business, Fast

17th June 2019

You’re ready to get going in business, and there’s a few things to line up in order to get the cogs turning. When starting out, it’s crucial to get a roster of clients to you can successfully deliver your services to. So, how do you make that happen whilst thinking about getting everything else in place?

The Benefits of Bootstrapping

The great news about building a digital business is you can often start without having to invest in too many things.

You  don’t necessarily need an off-putting amount of overheads if you make some savvy decisions to start with. It’s best to spend money where it’s really needed to get the boat moving faster, rather than on too many luxuries. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to be properly investing in this stuff later down the line. However, when it’s just you, invest in what you really need to set the wheels in motion and really consider what’s most helpful.

Software for Scale

Software as a Service (SaaS) products exist for pretty much anything a business operationally needs. Newer businesses are taking advantage of cloud services more than ever before. Why? Well it’s a great way of testing the water with a service to improve your business, without paying huge amounts to get going. Instead, you’re looking at a one – three month subscription to evaluate its merits.

Generally speaking, SaaS products can add real power to your process in areas that aren’t really your core product or service. For example, contracts and policies are crucial, but what about all of the hefty fees involved in making sure you’re legally covered? Instead, you can get involved with something like RocketLawyer.

Don’t want to spend thousands per month on developing business when you’re starting out? Well, that’s a reason that a service like Meet Hugo can benefit new businesses.


Mapping out your processes will show you where the bottlenecks are. The result is being able to work out how to overcome these challenges, by knowing what’s needed to do it. When it comes to process, you should spend more time on getting it right (or getting it close), so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a new contractor, staff member or system is brought on board.

People and Systems

Embellishing on the last point a little, it’s worth talking about how people get things moving quickly. We all we want to grow, but when your main focus is on selling your core product, it pays to take on the expertise of others.

More and more companies outsource elements of their business that can effectively plug back in, which means you can concentrate on the core focus of your business. Businesses have been doing this with accountancy software such as Xero and Quickbooks for a few years now, and this blueprint can be repeated for other areas of your business, whether that’s in the form of services or contractors.

The Take-Away

You can quickly grow your business by drawing out how all the ‘business stuff’ plugs into your core service provision. Once you have a task list, outsource less valuable tasks that still need doing but will be a waste of your effort.

If you are the one creating value, then you don’t want to be spending time on doing something of lesser value. If a service or a person can support your activities for a reasonable fee and are reputable, then it’s worth the investment to take your business forward.

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