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How to Use LinkedIn as a Salesperson

13th May 2019

LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the most powerful and influential social networks around, but it remains a fairly untapped source for many professionals. While many sign up to the platform with a personal or perhaps business account, there are thousands of users who simply use LinkedIn to search for new jobs, perhaps in recruitment or to do little more than see what old school friends are up to.

What this means is that there are countless professions and business sectors where we’re missing a trick. LinkedIn is used by many as a way of seeking out new recruits, sharing industry reports and the news of another award for their flourishing company – but it can also be used by salespeople and teams to help promote their brand and range of goods or services, too.

While social media isn’t always the place to find people looking to make a purchase, there are plenty who use these networks as a source of inspiration and buy on impulse – which probably isn’t the right audience for a LinkedIn sales promotion or push, admittedly – but there are also people on the platform whose job it is to look for new and innovative ways of developing their company through new innovations, tools and services – and these are the people for you to target!

If you’re new to the field of promoting on LinkedIn and using it as a marketing tool within your business – or even if you’re fairly experienced and are looking for some new tips for LinkedIn marketing and sales, here are some pointers that should help you get a foot in the door towards enhanced sales and conversions.

Create a strong brand profile and presence

It sounds fairly simple, but one of the most effective ways of increasing your chances of making a sale through LinkedIn is to have a strong brand presence. By this we don’t mean plastering your name and logo everywhere with sponsored ads, (although this can help), but by ensuring that you’re creating a genuinely strong brand profile with plenty of relevant, engaging posts that showcase you as the experts in your sector.

A bit like creating a personal Instagram account in an attempt to build likes and followers, LinkedIn profiles can be built by engaging with other users and helping them to find what they’re looking for – whether that’s a service, feedback on their own posts or advice on who to turn to for a particular product offering.

You can then connect and start reaching out to your connections, enhancing your individual and brand profiles in the process.

Ask the big questions

Engaging with other users and businesses is a great way of getting your name out there. We’re not advising you to comment randomly on any and everything – that’ll probably have the opposite effect – but to engage with your potential client base.

Users all have their job titles and professions on their accounts, unlike on other social media platforms, so build up a number of contacts over time and start asking them questions about what it is that makes them and their business tick – and what could make the difference to them.

You may find that by connecting with influential figures within the business you open a door simply by being approachable, inquisitive and showing that you’re learning about them and their unique needs rather than sending out blanket ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ emails. Even if they’re not the right person to make this decision, they could put you in touch with those who can.

Build a reputation for trust and authority

Finally, make sure that you showcase yourself – and your business – in the most positive light. If you’re publishing blog content, white papers or eBooks, be sure to post them on LinkedIn through your brand profile page so that followers and connections can find them.

An active brand can build a loyal following of engaged users who keep coming back to you and your posts because they see you as a trustworthy, authoritative source and then – when it comes to making a decision over which agency to go with or where to buy a particular service from – you’ve already built the trust and have the chance to seal the deal.

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