Introducing Partner with Meet Hugo

9th November 2020

What a year so far! For those of you that have followed our journey through the ‘corona-coaster’ that has been 2020, you will know what a whirlwind it has been here at Meet Hugo. We have grown by 377%, hit a huge milestone of 500 clients and are excitedly awaiting the keys to our brand new UK office. We feel very grateful to have been in the fortunate position to be able to help businesses through this extraordinary time by filing their pipelines with sales intelligence to help them stay above water.

So, with all that going on, we thought what better time to introduce something else into the mix and introduce a brand-new arm to the business! Introducing – Partner with Meet Hugo.

How it works

There is literally nothing to lose in becoming a Meet Hugo partner, but many many things to gain! In a nut shell, the only expectation of partners is to recommend, refer and onboard new clients to Meet Hugo (which so many of our clients do already!) As a big ‘thank you’ for doing so, we will reward our partners. Simple!

There are four individual partnership levels that Partners can work towards; at each level earning more and more incentives to help their business grow financially, improve retention and their sales processes too.

The tiers follow the following structure:

What’s in it for us?

Whilst we have high performing sales teams in both the UK and the USA, we know that there are millions of businesses and sectors across both countries that would benefit hugely from sales intelligence like that we offer. We hope that through the introduction of Partner with Meet Hugo, we will begin to help a vast array of businesses in industries and locations that we may not have operated in before.

We also get to know our clients better and improve our working relationships with them when they become Partners. Your business network is so essential for growth and long term success – something that every business strives for, so we are excited to be expanding and rewarding ours.

For those businesses who are excited by what we do here at Meet Hugo, but don’t need our services themselves right now, it is the perfect opportunity to become part of the Meet Hugo team and advocate our services they believe in, to others.

What does it take to be a Meet Hugo Partner?

Partner with Meet Hugo will work well for any business or professional that works with other B2B businesses. Whether that be an agency with clients, a consultant / freelancer or an individual who is keen on networking and has good working relationships with a broader business network. You do not have to be a Meet Hugo client, although many of our existing partners are, after seeing the unarguable impact of sales intelligence dropping into their pipeline.

So where are we at?

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes at our UK head office to start the creation of Partner with Meet Hugo, and our first iteration of our brand new ‘Partner Portal’ is ready to go! We are thrilled to have several Partners onboarded already and working with us to spread the Meet Hugo magic as well as develop Partner with Meet Hugo in a way that works for everyone.

To say we are excited for what is to come, is an understatement. Watch this space!

Find out more about Partner with Meet Hugo here.

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