IT & Technology Companies Share Their Top Growth Tips

21st August 2020

As we become increasingly dependent on technology and digital solutions, the IT industry remains a very relevant one. It can be challenging to grow your IT business, particularly under the circumstances that 2020 has brought us, so we got in touch with professionals in the IT and technology industries and asked them to share their top business growth tips.

Carla Diaz – Broadband Search

The best advice that I can give to other IT businesses when it comes to growth is to maintain an adjustable business model. These days, the world is moving so quickly (especially in the business of IT) that we need to be ready for rapid change. Many startups have this trait but lose it when they begin to grow, and this is where they fall short. By maintaining an adjustable business model, you can be ready when challenges come your way and you may even find that you can expand your client base to new areas of business. Always keep adjustability in mind, no matter how big you get. Even when you think you’ve made it as a business, unforeseen challenges (such as a pandemic) can come along which you may need to adjust to.

Carla Diaz, Co-founder of Broadband Search

Tom Winter, Co-founder of

Tom Winter – DevSkiller

Stay up to date with the latest tech – if you want to be relevant in the tech industry, you need to always know major trends and technologies. It can sometimes be difficult to stay on par with all of the latest developments since the IT world is changing on a daily basis. You often need to look at multiple sources for information to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. It can be a lot of work, but this is the only way to get to know your competition and identify areas in which you can grow your business. There is very little space for drastic experiments and most of the small and mid-size companies need to be very cautious not to rush with upscaling because the market is already full and doesn’t allow for mistakes. Plus, I have seen so many tech experts who thought they had unique products and invested so much time and money into developing them, only to find out that something similar already exists.

Jimmy Kamboj – Imenso Software

I think the one thing that is underrated yet constantly reaping benefits is learning. It’s extremely important as a professional and doubly so as an IT professional to constantly upgrade and update your skills. The more knowledge and skills you have the better placed you are. Get as many certifications you can in your domain of expertise and become an expert at that. If something outside your area of expertise fascinates you, get certified in that too; it will always end up helping you in the long run.

Jimmy Kamboj, Founder of Imenso Software

Brian McClafferty,

Brian McClafferty – Zapaygo

During my experience in building companies and generating leads, I’ve found the most valuable thing you can do is have the right partners. Here at Zapaygo, we have a global technology company to help us build our solution. But really they are more than that, they have customers worldwide who they will happily introduce us to and without these important contacts, we may not have had the opportunity to grow and be where we are now. In the UK, we work with an EPOS provider that supports conference centres, concert arenas, and over 60% of the Premier League football stadiums. So my number one tip to anyone looking to build leads is choose your partners wisely and take advantage of their client base aswell.

Hopefully you have been able to take away some helpful tips that you can incorporate into your own business growth plan. What’s your top tip for growing your business in the IT and technology space? We’d love to hear from you! Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team if you’re interested to learn how Meet Hugo can help generate your business more leads.

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