Law Firms Share Their Top Growth Tips

25th September 2020

Is it time you re-evaluate the methods and strategies you’ve put in place for the growth of your law firm? Have you noticed that, since the lockdown has been eased (albeit slightly tightened again in the last week), there’s been a growing demand for the services that you offer at your law firm? Or perhaps, you want to become the go-to law firm for your target market, but haven’t quite achieved that position yet? Whatever your situation is, discovering new ways you can grow your business and learning from other’s experiences in the same industry is always invaluable advice.

We had the chance to speak to experts in the legal industry and found out their top business growth tips that you can utilise in your own growth strategy and plan.

“My top two tips for business growth are: Meet the client where they are.

I cater to mostly Millennial and some Gen Z clients. They like to send Instagram direct messages, Voxer messages, and they prefer text to email. Making yourself available in a way that your clients feel most comfortable is the ultimate way to provide best-in-class customer service.

Secondly, embrace the age of resources. The legal industry is sitting at a crossroads between the old-school, high-cost access to resources and the vast array of free information online. Embrace the free resource world, put out your own content, and don’t be afraid to give it away. Giving potential clients an entry into your knowledge base makes them feel comfortable, helps establish you as an expert in your practice area, and provides an ROI directly to your firm by generating leads through search engine optimization.”

Keren de Zwart, Not Your Father’s Lawyer

Chris Salmon, Quittance Legal Services

“My tip for growing your legal practice is to network with businesses that are adjacent to you in the supply chain.

People generally use lawyers as part of a wider project. Its well worth referring work to contractors in the same “buying project” as yourself, as this is often reciprocated.

We mainly deal in property law, so have worked hard to build relationships with some of the biggest estate agents and mortgage brokers in the UK, referring work to them whenever we find the opportunity..

These relationships have proved to be very lucrative, and given that we are working closely with market leaders in these adjacent industries, it has helped establish ourselves as one of the market leaders in our vertical.”

“1. Be a Hero to your clients. At our firm, we take the extra steps to go above and beyond for each of our clients.

This looks different depending on the person and the case, but anyway that you can add a new level of customer service, show more compassion, take more time to educate, listen more intently, etc, goes a long way.

If a client ever needs a lawyer again – they’ll be sure you call you back if you were a “hero” to them the last time you worked with them. Being a hero to your clients and going above and beyond for them also means they’re more likely to recommend you and your services to anyone that needs them. Doing the extra work an offering a more personalized, catered experience to your clients is one great way to organically grow your business.

Adam Rossen, Rossen Law Firm

2. Add value. Whether in your marketing, your social media, your website or to the community – adding value to people’s lives is another great way to grow your business. If, for example, you post something on social media that legitimately offers value and is a helpful tip or something of that sort – it is more likely to be shared, passed on, or even remembered by your followers.
Adding value and knowledge is a great way for people to like you, find you helpful, and it’s a great way to demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable authority on a topic – which for us, would be something related to criminal defense or your constitutional rights when it comes to criminal allegations.

3. Both of these above growth tips also lend themselves to our third tip – developing a strong referral network. Many of our cases are referred to us by people we’ve connected with in the community, or by former clients. One way that we keep in touch with our past clients – which seems old school but is highly effective – is by sending a monthly, print newsletter. Our newsletter is a 4 page publication that is usually about 1/4 legal – either an article on something interesting changing in the law, a change in the law people should be aware of, or even a tip or education piece on ensuring people know their rights. And the rest is about our firm, employees and community. We usually also have a recipe included that’s either relevant to the month, the season, or some current event.

All this to say, this newsletter is extremely effective because what it does is it keeps us in the forefront of our past clients’ minds. If they ever need our legal services again, or someone they know does, they will be most likely to call us instead of go to Google, because we’ve kept in touch and had touch points with them at least monthly since we first met them. It’s a great marketing tool and a great way to grow referrals and intake.”

Kris Parker, Hendry & Parker, P.A.

“The single most important thing that has helped our small business grow in our first two years of business is understanding and utilizing search engine optimization (SEO).

It is undeniable that people go to their phones, tablets, or computers to search for local service providers in their area. Ensuring high visibility on internet searches is crucial in getting potential clients to your webpage. Once on your page, it must be very easy for those potential new clients to reach out to your firm about their legal matter. SEO can be complex and time-consuming, but if done correctly, it will generate more leads to help grow your law firm.”

“From what I have learned over the decades, there is an art in understanding your specific niche, not only in your skills but your life experiences as well that enables you to create a package that is designed to support a particular pain point for your clients.

This works for any business and the sooner we recognise the way that business works like this, the quicker we are all able to become the best we possibly can be.

I saw in the early days the need for a more DIY approach to legal documentation because often people were coming in at their tether because they had not had the funds or the know-how to lay the foundations right for their business from the get-go. As a result, they lost out in all aspects.

For the many, many small businesses and individuals that don’t think they need or can afford legal care, I wanted to provide an affordable solution. I combined my consistent passion for technology and the internet (something novel in the early 90s) with this experience and knowledge to create something that has been thriving and growing for near on 30 years.”

Andrew Taylor, Net Lawman

Kimberly DeCarrera, DeCarrera Law

“One of the problems that many companies have is their staffing needs to grow.

Most companies do not want to invest in increasing their staffing levels until they have the new business. However, with the lead time it takes to identify, hire, and train new staff, it is already too late to hire when you have the new business. Growth is very much a business mindset and investing in your staffing levels is a sure way to help that mindset and the company to grow with new business.”

Well, you heard it here first from the experts! We hope you find the business growth tips above useful for your own law firm. Keep an eye out on the Meet Hugo blog for further business growth tips and advice for your industry. Alternatively, you can book in for a demo with our sales team to learn how our service can also help build your pipeline, bringing you new leads in every week.

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