The Best CRMs for Small Businesses

20th May 2019

Every business wants to develop and grow, and they want to do it as quickly as feasibly possible – naturally. As a business grows there is more responsibility on those at the top, and in the newly-formed managerial positions, to make sure that everything runs smoothly from the top to the bottom; including the new business pitches and putting client meetings in the diary right down to ensuring that emails are responded to, calls taken and tea ordered!

As an organisation takes on more of a priority it’s important to keep an eye over the wider business, not just your own tasks. It’s very easy to get blinkered by what’s on your own desks, your own deadlines and what you need to get done today; but how is the wider, growing business coping? A highly effective way of doing this is through CRM software, a platform that allows you to streamline processes and maintain a clear line of contact with your customers and clients.

What is a CRM?

CRM – or Customer-Relationship Management – software is used to record and store information relating to the business relationship between clients, customers and the wider business. It is most commonly used as a way of storing details relating to a customer or client’s history with the company, such as meetings and calls or even orders made.

By retaining and organising this information into a clear system every member of the team is able to pick up on the state of the current relationship, and to take an account on should a member of the team leave and a new point of contact is required to take on the relationship. With everything in one clear, easily accessible and – importantly – secure location, the information can then be used to help drive further sales and business growth down the line.

What are the best CRMs for SMBs?

As a small or medium sized business (SMB), there are a number of great CRMs available which aren’t going to cost you your annual budget, and will help you to get your house in order. Some of the best available at the moment include:


One of the most well-known and widely used CRMs, even among larger businesses, Zoho have an entry-level offering that’s perfect for small businesses. Offering plenty of detail in terms of sales and reporting ranging from statistics and graphs to visitor tracking, you get as much as you pay for really. If you feel you need more detail – and have the budget – then you can upgrade to the next package without having to cancel the subscription and sign up with someone else.


With its clean and simple user interface, Insightly is a great tool for giving you…well, insights. It might not offer the same level of detail as Zoho at the entry-level stage but it also comes with an upgradeable package, allowing you to get more as and when you can.

One particular plus for Insightly is that it also offers a project management-style feature where you can assign a contact to members of the team, ensuring that the right member of staff picks up the conversation and gets in touch on time, helping you to stay on track.


Hubspot is another great piece of CRM software that offers a completely free platform for small businesses. If you’re taking your first steps into upping your organisation and client relationships, then this is an ideal tool for you to cut your teeth. Everything is stored and managed in one clear, concise dashboard and it can be integrated with a number of other handy CRM and project management tools, too.

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