The Top Blogs Every Sales Professional Should Read

31st August 2020

The phrase “learning on the job” doesn’t always mean that you pick things up as you go in the early days of a new role. It can also refer to learning new techniques and methods even years into your career and whatever level you may have reached. You can never stop learning new things and it’s more important than ever to continue trying out new approaches until you figure out something that can set you apart as an individual and your company apart as a leader in the field. Sales professionals might well have a series of techniques and strategies in place that have worked for many years, they might also have a number of strategies that worked for a few weeks or months and they now look back at them and think “how did that ever work?”

One of the best ways of picking up new skills is by reading industry-specific blogs and articles – they’re everywhere. Industry specialists have been creating online content in the form of videos, blog posts and even downloaded eBooks for their peers to take advantage of and it’s important to keep reading and reading – then putting some of the best suggestions into practice.

Sure, they’re not going to give away their juiciest, never fails sales strategy; but they might point you in the right direction so that you can adapt your current approach to a more successful and sustainable one.

Essential blogs that all sales professionals should read regularly

Here at Meet Hugo we’re striving to make our blog one of those valuable online resources, delivering the very best sales tips and strategies for our readers, and we’re delighted that you’ve come to us to read this post and hope you come back again soon.

We’re also very aware that there are some other great online publications out there delivering some top tips and advice for those working in sales, and here are just a few sites that we think you should keep coming back to in order to further your own career:

Heinz Marketing Blog

For anyone working in sales, or marketing for that matter, the Heinz Marketing Blog is one to get signed up for. Posting on a daily basis you’ll find plenty of top tips and advice on how to approach different customers at different stages in the funnel as well as recommendations for new sales strategies.

LinkedIn Sales

For all things business LinkedIn is the place to be. There are all kinds of sales tips and advice on this social media platform and you can follow accounts and connect with authoritative individuals in the sector. Not only that you can keep an eye on hashtags, and we highly recommend that you keep an eye on anything marked with #sales so you can quickly and easily see any posts, webinars, downloads or articles from the sales sector. LinkedIn also have their own blog where they regularly post sales articles with plenty of advice to help grow your pipeline and learn from others right around the world. The LinkedIn blog is another that you can sign up to and have the latest publications sent straight to your inbox so you never miss a tip.

Sales Hacker

Whether you’re new to sales or you’re an experienced sales manager by trade, Sales Hacker produce regular, detailed articles and guides that will keep the whole department engaged and on their toes. From eBooks and blogs to videos and webinars, Sales Hacker have something for everyone whether you’re a visual learner or you prefer to spend your lunch break digesting the latest industry trends and advice.


On the Close blog you’ll find at least one detailed, engaging piece of content relating to sales each week. With a background in startups and sales, Close is the place to be for sales executives right up to managers because these guys really know their stuff having worked their way up from apprentices to business owners.

HubSpot Sales

For years now the HubSpot Sales blog has been the place to find all the best sales related content (until we came along, of course!) They regularly populate the blog with tips, advice and free downloads to help people develop their sales skills and techniques and even estimate how long it will take you to read each piece so you can assess where and when to have a look!

This list is by no means exhaustive and we’re sure that plenty of you will have your own go-to sales blogs, and we’d love to hear your suggestions. Get in touch with us and we’ll happily expand our list of top sales blogs with your recommendation!

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