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The Traits to Look for in a SaaS Partner

23rd March 2021

Connected systems and devices are consuming our lives whether we’re in the workplace, at home or out and about. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and smart watches have changed everything and being connected enables you to stay in touch with anyone – and anything – anytime and anywhere, which is vitally important when you’re a business owner constantly on the go.

What this means is that cloud software providers have had to up their games in recent years to ensure that people can access everything from their emails, online shopping accounts and social media platforms to the major project they’re working on at home in order to hit their pending deadline.

As a result of this extreme demand for connected devices, cloud-based software, now commonly referred to as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS for short, is flourishing. Every connected, mobile device is a potential SaaS opportunity as all the user needs is an Internet connection and a web browser in order to be able to work anytime, anywhere. SaaS examples include the file-sharing platform, Dropbox, the email marketing system Mailchimp and Meet Hugo, who can deliver services via the cloud. We’ve ensured that all of our users are able to access their account from anywhere for the best possible user experience.

Here we’re going to explain a bit more about SaaS providers and partners, including what to look for if you’re thinking about starting a SaaS partnership so that you fully understand the market and how to identify the right partner for you.

What is a SaaS partner?

A partnership is a great and immensely popular modern agreement between two businesses that enable them both to grow and offer more for their customers or subscribers while also offering plenty of incentives for each other in return for expertise or additional revenue.

Whereas in the past a business partnership may have seen one company invest in another with the long-term aim of acquiring that business, today’s business partnerships are more about finding additional sources of revenue and growth opportunities, and a SaaS partnership is a particularly popular form. A SaaS Partner rewards those who use their software or service for delivering new leads and business opportunities, (a bit like Partner With Meet Hugo only we offer much more than mere revenue!)

A common form of SaaS partnership is a referral partner, something we wrote about recently in our Partner With Meet Hugo exclusive content portal. This is an opportunity for both parties to benefit in terms of revenue, along with additional benefits such as leads and expertise that aid physical growth as well as financial growth.

The rise of the SaaS partner – what sparked the popularity?

Put quite simply, SaaS and SaaS partnerships started to boom as more and more cloud-based systems became available. While it used to be the case that you only had a handful of options, today there are hundreds and each represents an opportunity to access files, software and systems from anywhere in the world that offers an Internet connection.

Cloud-based SaaS platforms are growing faster than all other forms of cloud technology and this makes the opportunity to work with or alongside a leading SaaS business incredibly appealing for businesses looking to benefit from the freedom, flexibility and – of course – quality that they have to offer.

How to find the right SaaS partner

If you’re looking to save time, money and resources then a SaaS partner is definitely for you, but it’s important that you make the right decision when you enter into negotiations and, subsequently, start thinking about signing any agreements.

1. Find a partner who wants to grow. If you can find yourself a partner who is ambitious and looking to grow their business with the help of what you can offer, then they’re already well on the way to becoming the perfect partner. Not only are they interested in what you have to offer normally, they’re interested in working with you in the long-term so that they can capitalise on the expertise you have to offer as well as the obvious financial benefits. This means they’re much more likely to retain their agreement and, as we all know, retention is every bit as important as acquisition.

2. Do they have an audience? Part of a referral partnership is the theory that your prospective partner will be able to reach out to a network of connections who might take them up on their recommendation to join your platform or sign up for your services. If they don’t have a wide range of connections, however, they can’t do that and, similarly, they can’t benefit from the additional revenue brought about by the commission on offer. If they have a huge ‘black book’ of contacts who they can speak to and promote your brand then they’re worth pursuing as a partner but if not it may be best to call time on discussions.

3. Do they fit your own target audience? Before you advertise your Saas Partnership programme to anyone, make sure that your prospective partner meets your own requirement. Essentially, are they likely to sign up for your service or subscription themselves? If not then it can cause issues when it comes to referrals based mostly on the fact that they don’t have the first-hand experience and knowledge to make a qualified referral.

While there is no set requirement for them to be a subscriber, which is the case here at Partner With Meet Hugo, it does help if they can provide a recommendation having used a service and worked closely with a company themselves. Provided they are willing to learn about your business and what you have to offer, which is what we look for in a non-subscribing Partner, then they can still shout about what it is that’s great about your offering even if it’s not quite the right fit for them.

Meet Hugo as a SaaS partner

At Meet Hugo we can deliver our sales intelligence through the cloud, rather than being a cloud-based platform, and that makes us a safe and reliable SaaS partner. As a member of Partner With Meet Hugo you’ll be aware that we have an exciting and relatively new referral partnership scheme offering various incentives for our Partners and the opportunity to progress through the tiers to earn even more!

Our particular referral partnership model is based on companies and subscribers such as yourselves shouting about how great Meet Hugo is as a platform, and in return we’ll offer you a share of the commission on any new subscription that you help to onboard through the portal or by sharing details for us to carry out the onboarding process. On top of that, and what makes us different, is that we offer additional incentives as well as the obvious revenue benefits.

The tiered partner initiative enables us to offer more of a financial reward for anyone who continues to onboard new subscribers. We use all of our expertise and connections to develop a wealth of exclusive content including eBooks and webinars that will help you to improve your all-round marketing and sales strategies so that you increase your chances of closing more deals brought about by the Meet Hugo platform, or your own lead generation methods if you’re not a Meet Hugo subscriber.


In closing, we’re great believers in the benefits of Partner schemes whether they’re referrals or SaaS partnerships, and are already seeing excellent results for those who have started to work with us. We have offered a share of commission to a number of Partners since we launched in November 2020, and continue to offer expertise to help these partners grow while they are doing a great job in referring us to their network of connections.

To make any partnership successful you need to be willing to put the work in throughout to avoid breakdowns in trust and the working relationship. If one side is putting in the legwork and the other side sits back and reaps their own rewards, that’s not a successful partnership. Partner With Meet Hugo, like many other successful SaaS partnerships, is designed to work both ways and we’re thrilled to have so many business partners all looking to share, earn and grow with us.

To find out more about SaaS companies and opportunities for you to grow, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or come back to our blog soon where we’ll be discussing more business growth and partnership tips.

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