Top 5 Growth Tips from Web Designers

4th August 2020

Here at Meet Hugo we’re all about helping businesses to grow. Web designers are always in high demand because of the expertise and services they can provide so we reached out to a number of top web design professionals to get their top business growth tips to help those in and outside the sector.

Brian Robben – Robben Media

You could cold call, leave voicemail drops, do networking events, offer free trials, or go door to door, yikes. But why make it so hard on yourself when there’s a brilliant strategy that you haven’t considered it. What’s this? It’s the idea of partnering with a SEO or PPC agency. Doing so will land any web designer a long list of clients more than you can handle. These companies who are focused on their one service, not full scale agencies, will still require web design to achieve their clients’ goals.

For example, for a PPC agency to do well, they can’t just drive high-quality traffic from Google Ads or Facebook Ads. They need the traffic to convert on a well-designed landing page. That’s where you come in and it’s why this partnership works so well. By helping them get better results with their clients, they’re happy to send you these leads for free, or at a commission of 10% to 20% depending on your negotiating position.

To achieve this, first, convince them to partner with you by showing 5 case studies of websites, landing pages, or funnels you’ve designed. This will give them confidence to share their clients with you. Plus, you can offer to send them referrals when your clients require SEO or PPC. I guarantee this client acquisition method works if you stay consistent.

Name: Brian Robben
Company name: Robben Media

Name: Jessica Rhoades
Company name: Create IT Web Designs

Jessica Rhoades – Create IT Web Designs

The best tip for growing your web design business is to know who you serve or want to serve.  The more you know who your ideal client is, the easier it is to reach them.  

You can then focus your message, marketing, and SEO to reach your ideal client.  Your ideal client could be based on a city or region, business and personal values, industry (such as creatives, lawyers, health relate field, etc.).

Craft your own personal website in design and words to appeal to these people.

Lucian Wu – Creative Nurds

I”m a web designer that specialises in websites for solar companies.By far and away the best piece of advice for early stage companies or freelancers is to find a niche, become known as an expert in that niche, and dominate it.Many people fear that niching down will cause you to lose out on opportunities because you no longer serve the wider market.

But the opposite is actually true. As you dive deeper into a niche, your opportunities expand. When you begin to understand the pains, problems and frustrations of your target market, you can begin to appreciate their struggles. The copy on your website can written to help these people. The language you use to communicate with them will also be catered to them.

In turn, your target customer is much more likely to give you their business if they perceive you to be a specialist and not a generalist. You will also be able to charge higher fees.To become an expert in a niche, we need to produce free content on a regular basis. Blogging, starting a podcast, social media, youtube channel are all ways for your target audience to consume your content and change their perception of you.

It’s working quite well for me so far.

Name: Lucian Wu
Company name: Creative Nurds

Name: Simon Ensor
Company name: Catchworks

Simon Ensor – Catchworks

Winning New Clients

The traditional route of leaning heavily on a design portfolio and design concepts for new projects still stands true. However, this doesn’t necessarily address the core intent of a prospect. Great aesthetics should come as standard, that’s why the prospect is speaking to a design agency. Instead, we’ve experienced success in addressing core data sets around UX/UI and conversion rate optimisation. Gaining access to this data allows you to present ideas and user flows that influence the bottom line, addresses commercial concerns and builds confidence in making the investment in an agency.

Growing a web design business

The single largest stumbling block when building a web design business lies within processes. Poorly scoped websites can become very large loss-making projects, not including the opportunity cost of lost time. It is critical that all web projects have clear agreements between the agency and the client in terms of deliverables, timeframes and costs. It sounds simple, but is too easy to breeze over during the sales process. Creating clear project flows and evangelising this to the client (and including a full scope in the agreement) ensures profitable projects that allow for further investment in growth.

Reese Spykerman – Design by Reese

Want more quality leads coming in for your web design business? Network strategically! Build relationships with the people who work with your potential clients right before they need your website design services.

For example, network with copywriters or business coaches. Copywriters are often asked, “do you know someone who can design my site after the copy is done?“. Reach out to them individually AND attend conferences and events where copywriters hang out.

But don’t just talk about yourself: go into the outreach with the attitude of “what can I do for them?” Offer a tip or pointer. Tell them about something free you have that their clients might like. Find a way to help their business so they want to refer you to their clients.

Name: Reese Spykerman
Company name: Design by Reese

We hope you found these business growth tips useful, but don’t forget that you can also call upon the services of Meet Hugo. Get in touch with a member of our sales team today to find out how we can generate more qualified leads to help you grow your business.

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