What Makes a Good Partnership Programme?

9th November 2020

We’re delighted to have finally launched our Meet Hugo Partnership programme, offering a range of incentives to our loyal clients who recommend our platform to their business connections, friends and their own range of clients. The scheme was something we’ve had in the pipeline for a long time now but we weren’t ready to launch it until we had every single detail nailed down.

Throughout the world of business there are a  number of different types of partnership programmes ranging from loyalty cards and discounts to annual memberships offering free gifts or priority entry to certain events. All of these different schemes work well because of their loyal followers and customers, but without getting the basics of a partnership programme right there would be no partnership.

What is Partner With Meet Hugo?

Here at Meet Hugo we wanted to ensure that there was maximum value in our partner scheme to say thank you to our community by rewarding those who continue to support and refer us.

We have implemented a four-tiered partner scheme with our subscribers able to earn their way up and take advantage of more unique benefits as they progress.

We have our entry-level partner followed by Silver, Gold and Platinum level Partners with great rewards for those who move up through tiers. Essentially, the more clients that you refer, the more we all benefit!

There is literally nothing to lose by becoming a Meet Hugo Partner, and all we ask of you is to do your best to refer and onboard new clients through your own section of the partnership platform.

In a recent article published on the Meet Hugo blog, announcing the launch of Partner With Meet Hugo programme, company founder Ben Harper said “We’re really excited for launching our partner program as it helps fulfil our goal of bringing Meet Hugo’s sales intelligence to more businesses, and helping those with us to make better sales decisions. As the world is going through tough economic times, being able to help more businesses to grow whilst rewarding those who introduce these businesses to the platform is really gratifying for everyone involved.”

The ingredients for a good partnership programme

It’s all well and good starting a partnership programme, but there needs to be a reason behind it and value to it for all concerned. A business wouldn’t just start giving things away, and a customer wouldn’t join up to a programme without seeing value in it for themselves, so we looked at a number of factors before we nailed down our idea.

Something that works both ways

There needs to be something in the overall partnership for all parties rather than one side gaining and the other simply contributing to revenue growth, social media exposure or free advertising.

A good partner programme should enable all involved to earn and grow, and that’s what we wanted from Partner With Meet Hugo: something that benefits our loyal customers, and enables us to continue our own development with the help of their own contacts and expertise, too.

Long and short-term benefits

There also needs to be some kind of immediate tangible benefit for all concerned, and a reason to stay in the programme in the long-term.

Partner with Meet Hugo offers our partners a range of different rewards depending on which tier you are in, ranging from commission on any additional business you bring in to exclusive blog content.

From our perspective the benefits range from new subscriptions to new contacts and additional word-of-mouth. After all, each new and successful sign-up increases the potential for further positive reviews and more new partners and subscribers.

Development opportunities

Adding new partners and subscribers to our platform enables us to continue with our own growth campaign, allowing us to develop new projects and more advanced product offerings for our subscribers which then come back to our partners and subscribers.

Knowing that we have such an engaged and loyal audience of partners and subscribers is a great feeling and helps us to promote and expand the Meet Hugo brand so that we can give even more back in terms of sales intelligence.

How to Become a Meet Hugo Partner

Becoming a Meet Hugo Partner couldn’t be simpler. Simply click here to find out more about our programme, and then you can fill in the form and our Partnerships team will be in touch to discuss the best option for you and which tier you could join so you can share, earn and grow with Meet Hugo.

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