What to Expect in Your First 30 Days as a Meet Hugo Subscriber

25th June 2021

We love it when people sign up for an account with Meet Hugo as it means that another business is on the way to finding new opportunities to grow.

After speaking with people on the phone or over email it’s always interesting to find out where their priorities lie and how they want to approach lead generation with Meet Hugo in their corner, ready to provide tailored leads that match exactly what they are looking for. 

When you first sign up with us it’s important to establish a solid relationship, and that’s where our Customer Success team comes in. Every subscriber, regardless of whether you sign up for a quarterly, six monthly or annual package with us, is assigned their own Customer Success Manager who will help to bring you onboard and get everything ready, sowing the seeds so that you can grow your business in the months ahead. 

Of course, the early stages are all about learning how we can work together, which is why our Customer Success Manager, Becky Cunningham, has mapped out what your first 30-days as a Meet Hugo subscriber might look like.

Every subscriber is assigned their own account manager who will be there for you whenever you need them. You’ll be given their name and contact information enabling you to get in touch directly rather than sending an email to a generic address or calling the department and asking around. 

You will then receive information about how to structure your account and input your search criteria so that you can build out your account ready to receive the leads you actually want. Your account manager will be available to assist you if anything doesn’t quite make sense to you, and to ensure that you’ve entered the details correctly, and should you have any questions at all they would be happy to assist you.

You will also receive a link to a webinar explaining how to use every feature of the Meet Hugo platform. While we’ve tried to make it as simple and intuitive as possible, we understand that some will want clarification that they are doing things correctly and while your account manager is available to help, the webinar will talk you through everything step-by-step to ensure that you are comfortable using Meet Hugo to its full potential.

Over the last few years we’ve been creating a lot of great content ranging from blog posts to exclusive, downloadable content available in our Sales Academy. 

The great news is that every subscriber receives automatic access to the exclusive content in the Sales Academy, and you can call upon any of our blogs whenever you like to learn more about lead generation, sales intelligence and how to improve your processes to generate more leads to keep that pipeline growing. 

We’ve also recently added a series of downloadable templates that you can adapt and use as you see fit. These resources include email templates and more, all designed to help you reach out to prospects and start a conversation.

There will be an opportunity for you to check-in with your account manager to ensure that your account is structured correctly, ready for you to start receiving leads and benefitting from each and every Meet Hugo feature. 

We will also speak to you about your aims and objectives to ensure that you haven’t missed anything in your account that you could benefit from, setting you up for success.

Late in 2020 we launched Partner With Meet Hugo, an affiliate programme designed to enable everyone to benefit from signing up with us. For each and every business that you refer to our platform via a unique link you will receive £100 or $100, and all you have to do is give them a link to help them sign up. It really is that simple!

Finally, by the end of the first month you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback to your account manager about how you’ve found your experience with us so far. We know it’s early days, but we really want you to feel part of the Meet Hugo family and all feedback is relayed to relevant departments to help improve the platform and your overall experience. 

If you notice any bugs or have ideas for how we can improve Meet Hugo then let your account manager know and they’ll talk through any concerns you may have and explain what happens next. 

This is what you came for, to start generating leads and new business opportunities. With your Meet Hugo account fully setup you’ll start noticing new leads appearing each week enabling you to read through the details, assess the opportunity and discuss it with your team and then reach out to the prospect armed with all you need to know to start your pitch.

So there you have it. We want you to hit the ground running when you subscribe to Meet Hugo which is why we try to pack a lot into the first month. There are great opportunities to capitalise on projects within the first few weeks and there is always scope to adapt your account settings to receive different leads that meet your ever-changing business needs, just speak to your account manager and we can get things moving.

To learn more about Meet Hugo and how we can help you to grow your business, get in touch with the team, or sign up today and watch your pipeline grow.

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