Why Less Always Means More With Meet Hugo

11th May 2021

Saving time and money is every bit as important to business owners as lead generation and getting new business through the door.

Here at Meet Hugo we pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer customers innovative solutions that can help overcome their new business challenges without taking up any more of their valuable time.

If you’re new to Meet Hugo and what we do, hopefully this guide will give you a better understanding of our platform and how we differ from other lead generation and sales intelligence platforms, enabling you to make an informed decision about us prior to signing up, or before you commit to an alternative service that doesn’t quite offer what we can.

Less time logging in and out, more strategy

One of the most common issues that we encounter whenever we speak to prospects is that they have a number of subscriptions with external service providers and they are looking for a service that would enable them to combine the best of each in one simple sales intelligence platform.

With Meet Hugo that’s exactly what you get. Rather than benefitting from a handful of useful insights relating to new business opportunities we give you everything you need to reach out to the right person in the business to arrange a conversation about how you might be able to help them achieve their goals. 

This means that you spend less time logging in and out of your various platforms and more time researching opportunities, assessing leads and developing pitches so you can focus your efforts on getting new business through the door rather than renewing your multiple platform subscriptions each month.

That time you’ve saved, combined with the sales intelligence we provide, means that you can get straight down to planning your strategy. Lead generation is difficult enough for some businesses without worrying about having access to contact details, geographical information relating to a prospect or meeting the deadline to register an interest in the project. With Meet Hugo you have all of this information in your account so you can plan your monthly strategy around each lead that takes your interest.

Less irrelevant campaigns, more tailored leads

Every business is interested in what is relevant to you and that’s why we tailor all of the leads you receive to your criteria. Instead of wasting time scrolling through leads from different sectors or that are based on the other side of the world when you’re a small business operating out of a small office space and just looking to pick up a new project, we can deliver tailored and qualified leads that match up with exactly what you are looking for in your lead generation strategy.

If you want a digital marketing project that is valued between £10,000 and £20,000 and located in the North West of England, that’s what you’ll receive. If you’re looking for a web design campaign and you’re based in California, we’ll deliver you web design leads advertised by businesses based in California. 

You have complete control over the criteria and the leads you receive, so if you do find that you’re getting opportunities that aren’t quite right for you - perhaps they’re situated too far from your workplace or you’re looking for an RFP/tender instead of a buying signal, you can simply adjust the criteria in your account and change the types of leads you receive to match your ever-changing business needs.

Less money spent on packages, more return on your investment

On the theme of subscriptions, we’re particularly proud of the packages that we’ve put together for our customers. Rather than offering a simple, entry-level monthly package that offers very little value for money we prefer to give our subscribers access to everything that is possible in our platform over a period of time that works for you.

Instead of increasing access to qualified leads as you pay more money, we offer you access to qualified leads over a timeframe that works for you and your budget. If you would prefer to take out a quarterly subscription instead of an annual package to see how you get on, or to see you through to the reallocation of budgets, that’s fine - just upgrade when you’re ready! Similarly, if you’d like to go for the yearly subscription because you’re in a position to invest in our services and are looking forward to the number of leads we can bring you, go for it! 

You can always upgrade your subscription, too, if things are going well, or even speak to a member of our Partnerships team about joining Partner With Meet Hugo where you can benefit from much more without spending an extra penny.

Ultimately, whichever package you choose you will gain access to manually researched, qualified leads based on your own specified criteria - not what we think you might be interested in, or what your budget can afford - and this means that you get a much greater return on your investment when the new business starts coming through the door.

A great example of this comes in a recent case study which you can read on the Meet Hugo blog, where one of our customers won a $20,000 piece of business in their first month with us, giving them a 4,912% return on their investment.

Less time searching, more responsive customer success managers

Another common piece of feedback we receive from prospective customers is that the systems they’ve used before have been very confusing and they can’t access a lot of the information they need. 

With Meet Hugo you have access to your own Customer Success Manager - not an automated live chat bot, a real member of our team - who is on-hand to answer any questions you may have and take any feedback from you that can be used to improve the platform going forwards.

If there is something you like about Meet Hugo that you feel could be improved or developed, we can take that feedback and pass it to our development team and if it can be implemented, it will be. We want to make sure the platform is every bit as good as it can possibly be, so all feedback is greatly appreciated.

So if you like the sound of Meet Hugo and how we can take your lead generation efforts to the next level, get in touch with us today and a member of our sales team will be in touch to explain more about our sales intelligence platform, arrange a free demo or advise you on the most suitable package for you.

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