Why You Should Consider Bringing Freelancers Into Your Business

7th April 2020

Your business is thriving and your team is branching out; perhaps your first port of call is to put out an ad on your preferred job posting site for a permanent full time employee to fill in for a new role. However, hiring a freelancer could be the smart move for your business that you aren’t making, offering many potential advantages and benefits. In this blog post, we will be talking about some of those key benefits and also provide you with some tried and tested, handy resources so you can go ahead and start looking for your first freelancer!

1 Flexibility

Bringing freelancers in can be especially useful if you are looking for work to be completed outside of your regular working hours, or even on the weekends. That’s the great thing about freelancers – they choose their own working hours, meaning they don’t have to conform to the normal 9-5. So, if your business caters to audiences around the world in different timezones, employing a freelancer who can deal with those international requests is ideal.  

2 Find a specialist

A freelancer is a freelancer for a reason; they have mastered their craft and are skilled enough to provide their services independently. Using the right resources, you can find someone who is able to provide an extremely high quality standard of work with the right skill-set to benefit your business.

3 No training required

This coincides with the point above – if you have employed a specialist, you won’t have to spend time and money providing them with the training required to excel at their job; they already harbour this knowledge. The only necessary processes involved would be introducing them to any collaborative tools that your business currently uses to share information and communicate with other team members (if this is necessary for your freelancer) and establishing a framework for their time working with you, including your expectations of them.

4 Save money

If you are a small business, hiring freelancers can be an attractive option because it is extremely cost-effective; there’s no need to provide office supplies, medical cover or other employee benefits.

Of course, hiring a freelancer isn’t for every business, and it can take time to find the ideal person. Whether you choose to bring in a freelancer for short term or long term, if they can provide an excellent standard of work and are reliable, they are sure to be an investment to your business.

Resources that we recommend to get you started on your search for a freelancer:  



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