Would You Make a Successful Partner With Meet Hugo?

24th November 2020

When we launched our Partner With Meet Hugo programme at the start of November 2020 the aim was always to reward our loyal subscribers for their support since signing up for an account with us. We’re all too aware that loyalty is a two-way thing and customers need to feel the same kind of thanks from a company as the business does from those who buy a product or sign-up for a service, and Partner With Meet Hugo seeks to do just that.

While there is already plenty to be gained from signing up to Meet Hugo, including targeted leads and a wealth of sales intelligence, we wanted to give a little extra back to those who have signed up to our platform and remained with us. Of course, the main objective when signing up to Meet Hugo is to receive relevant, warm leads that result in new business; but we also wanted to ensure that there is an extra incentive to stay with us way beyond that first successful pitch.

There is plenty of information on our site already relating to the new Partnerships programme, and a number of exclusive articles available to those who become partners, but here we’re going to help you find out if you’d make a successful Meet Hugo Partner as we’re always on the lookout for more Partners who fit the bill.

Partner With Meet Hugo is an initiative that seeks to reward our loyal subscribers by offering additional services and resources at no extra charge. The programme has four distinct tiers – Partner, Silver, Gold and Platinum – and all of our partners have the same opportunity to progress through the tiers depending on certain criteria.

The main objective when becoming a Meet Hugo Partner is to help us sign-up new clients, something you can do yourself by onboarding your own contacts, and in return you’ll receive a percentage of the commission which could be anywhere between 25 and 35 percent depending on which of the tiers you fall into.

If you work with another B2B company then you’re already on the right track in terms of meeting our key criteria. Whether you work with a freelancer, a small business or an international agency we’d love to speak to you about becoming a Meet Hugo Partner and would be willing and able to provide you with a wealth of essential services and resources in our exclusive Partners Portal.

Of course, we’d love all of our Partners to be Meet Hugo subscribers themselves, but are more than willing to have a conversation with you if you feel that you can help us by onboarding some of your own business partners and close contacts.

A successful Meet Hugo Partner, in our eyes, is any subscribed client who is willing and able to onboard their own contacts so that they can also reap the benefits of a Meet Hugo subscription.

We understand that times are hard for many companies, and that networking is nearly impossible at the moment, so any assistance that you can provide us in terms of referring your own contacts and friends to our platform is greatly appreciated – and rewarded in terms of an additional source of income for you.

Becoming a Meet Hugo Partner couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is fill in our form to register your interest and our Partnerships team will be in touch to talk you through any additional questions and provide extra information about the programme.

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