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"I've been using Meet Hugo for 6 months now and the leads it's delivered so far are very good and of high value. The service is great for intel, tenders and people actively searching for a relevant supplier. I'd highly recommend the service to sales teams as it genuinely saves you plenty of time in lead hunting and is highly cost effective."

"One of their leads turned out to be a repeat global client for me within the first week of my subscriptionI feel blessed to work with an awesome partner like Meet Hugo who is so in sync with my ethics and mission. For reference to those out there considering this service, one of their leads turned out to be a repeat global client for me within the first week of my subscription.Their rare and refreshing level of client-focused customer care and individualised attention makes me feel truly valued as a client. I highly recommend this service, and I am usually a skeptic when it comes to these types of lead services - trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!"

"Great new business service which allows you to tailor your preferences and offers the help of a dedicated account manager 👌🏼"

"We're new to MeetHugo and have already started to feel the value of them being a part of our team. We're quoting exactly the types of projects we want along with venturing into some new types. This has been a great experience so far and the support is top notch. Thank you!"

"I have been super-impressed with MeetHugo's client support. They are very knowledgeable and responsive. They've exceeded my expectations in this area. The quality of leads are good too. We're just starting out with them, but I've really liked what I've seen so far!"

"We have been using MeetHugo for only a few weeks but in that time we have identified a number of strong leads through using the tool. The platform itself is easy to use and it has become my habit to check it daily as new opportunities are listed regularly. MeetHugo has been a good investment for us."

"Great work the team at ONQOR group are loving using Meet Hugo!"

"A great service saves us so much time in identifying leads that fit our structure. If you require leads or want to save time in obtaining them you need to speak to them. We have passed over a few clients who are elated with the results."

"I really am enjoying the human touch with the service"

"As a designated 'small business' each one of our team members has to wear multiple hats but finding opportunities to help new customers is something we've struggled with. We research many network marketing platforms and lead generation companies but cold-calling from an old spreadsheet was not a good use of our time. Joining Meet Hugo has added a full-time business development manager to our team. Each week they identify many targeted business development opportunities for our company. Having Meet Hugo on our team has enabled us to providing a great introduction, a rapid response and excellent service to each new client."

"We are really happy with Meet Hugo. We are making good connections and have some promising leads happening. We are hopeful about converting some of the leads the team have provided and are grateful for all that Meet Hugo are doing. Thank you so much!"

"I have found the team at Meet Hugo great to deal with and the leads are genuine opportunities. I would recommend people looking to grow their business sign up."